Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that Sognia gets asked.
 Feel free to ask your own question on the contact me page and your question could be added to the list. 


  1. Where were you born?
    I was born in Adelaide South Australia.
  2. Are you married?
    Yes I am married to a wonderful man. But I use my maiden name Sognia Vassallo as my pseudonym.
  3. Where did you go to school?
    I went to many primary schools but I only went to one high school; Lesmurdie Senior High School, it is in the West Australian Perth hills.
  4. Do you have any siblings?
    Yes I have one brother, two step brothers and one step sister, that are all younger than me.
  5. What is your favourite food?
    Because my dad is Italian I like lots of Italian cuisines but my most favourite food is Nachos loaded with fresh tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Nom nom nom!
  6. What is your favourite colour?
    Purple...Of course!
  7. What jobs did you have before you started writing books?
    I've had lots and lots of jobs and I hope to have many more. I have worked in primary schools, delivered mail with Australia post, taught fitness lessons, worked in clothing stores, at nightclubs, I've worked in lots of offices and I've worked at a theme park, Phew!
  8. What was your favourite subject in school?
    English, especially quiet reading time...Ssshhh imaginations at work!
  1. What is your favourite movie adaptation from a book?
    Hmmmm, I have a few, but Anne of Green Gables has to be up there. I read the books as a young girl and when I saw the movies it was exactly how I imagined it to be. The second is Harry Potter, though the books were better, I still LOVE the movies. I watch them ALL at least three times a year!
  2. Do you have any kids?
    Yes I have four; a sixteen year old girl and a twenty year old boy and I also have two step children; another sixteen year old daughter and an eighteen year old boy! And they are all soooooo amazing!!!


  1. What inspired you to become an author?
    It wasn't any one thing, I have always loved to read and write and draw so I think the more I read the more inspired I became to write my own books.
  2. How did you become a published author?
    It took a LOT of patience determination and perseverance.
  3. What was the first book you published?
    I self published a book called Perpetual Motions which was a collection of my photographs and poems. "I Think my Dad is a Spy!" is the first book to have been picked up by a publisher.
  4. How old were you when "I Think My Dad is a Spy!" was published?
    I was in my early forties....No thats not that OLD!
  5. Do you like writing books?
    I love writing in general, letters shopping lists, poems, journal entries and books...
  6. Did you get to pick your Illustrator for "I Think my Dad is a Spy!"?
    Yes I did, The publisher asked me to choose up to six illustrators from a few websites, and soon as I saw Jenny Wood's art work I knew that I wanted her for my book right away. .
  7. How does it feel when a publisher accepts your book ?
    I was super excited but at the same time I didn't want to get my hopes up as I had heard that anything can go wrong. I know some writers have had to wait up to a year or more for a book to be published and in some cases it might not ever be published. So I was over the moon once I had a real copy of my book in my hand.
  8. Did you draw some of the pictures in your books too?
    Yes I do the "doodle's" (small sketches) that the character Sophie George draws through out the narrative.
  1. Why did you get Jenny Wood to illustrate your book?
    As soon as I saw her web page I fell in love with her work. My book needed a certain style of art work that Jenny's style was perfect for.
  2. Do you want any of your books turned into a movie or a TV show?
    As a matter of fact I do. I can see the Sophie series become an animated movie. I think it would be awesome!
  3. Do you have advice for young writers out there?
    I would advise that you practise writing in different genres and find your niche. Write for a passion and not to please publishing houses. But most importantly never ever give up!
  4. How can I get my stories published?
    Getting published can be a very long process or non existent. Write Firstly for passion and secondly to please publishers. Many famous writers had been rejected numerous times before some one gave them a publishing deal. If you're overly sensitive then this process can turn you off writing and that would be a shame.
  5. How long did the process take for you?
    The Publishing process for me took about eight months, there is a lot involved, like editors, marketing people, illustrators, layout people, then the publishers themselves. I dealt with about ten people from start to finish.
  6. What does your family think of your books?
    I think they like them?! Hahaha My kids often read bits and pieces as I am writing the books but my father (a school Principal) gets an edited copy of my manuscript to read before It's sent it to the publishers.


  1. Where do your ideas come from?
    The Busy Bugs books came from students I was teaching at a school. The Sophie series are inspired by my family, friends and the job I had delivering mail around the Perth hills.
  2. Are any of the characters in your books based on real people?
    Yes many of the character's traits remind me of a person I knew or know. But once the character evolves in the story so does their personality and then they may not be identical as the person I originally based that character on.
  3. How long does it take you to write a book?
    It depends the Busy Bugs books took only a week to write., but months to illustrate. "I Think My Dad is a Spy!" took over five years to write and to get just right for publishing.
  4. How do you come up with your titles?
    I often write the book or the most part of it and suddenly the title will pop into my head. Sometimes it might need a bit of tweaking to make it perfect.
  5. This is a good question, My name Sognia comes from the Greek name Sophia, I am often miss called Sophia. The Sophie character is based partly on me and my daughter.
  6. Who are your favourite authors?
    I have many favourite Authors. I found new Authors throughout different stages of my life. I grew up loving Dr Seuss, Louise Fitzhugh, Roald Dahl, Lauren Childs, JKRowling, and as an adult I love, reading Steven King and Agatha Christie. I have EVERY book that she ever wrote....hence this is why I need a library room.
  7. Are you going to write any more books?
    Yes I sure am! I have already written the second book in the Sophie Series and I am half way into the third book.
  8. How do you write your books?
    I use a few methods, I prefer to handwrite my original draft as I feel my thoughts flow better through a pen and onto the paper. Then I use a laptop or my desktop computer to get it onto a digital format so it can be easily sent off to the Agent/Editor.

Why did you choose the name Sophie for the main character of the Sophie Series, and is she based on a real person?

  1. Do You like writing poetry?
    Yes I do, I think I wrote poems before I wrote my first story. I used to write rhyming poems when I was young. But now I call them thoughts rather than poems. I write about everyday things that inspire me.
  2. Do you have a favourite Poet?
    Yes I do, Maya Angelou, I have read all her books. I find her words powerful and her poems life changing. I was very sad when she passed away in 2015. It was like someone very close to me had died. That is what I love about poetry, you can become quite attached to a Poet by the words they write. It's like they are a truly, wonderful friend.


  1. Can you come to my School?
    If you live in Perth Western Australia, then the answer is yes I can. Just have your school contact me to arrange it. I will also consider visiting interstate for a book tour, if enough schools contact me then hopefully we can organise something.
  2. Do you do book signings?
    Yes I do, but unfortunately Perth has limited book shops, so we are hard at work organising some book signings at local libraries. These up and coming events events will be posted on this website.