Books in the Sophie Series
  1. Paper back I Think My Dad is a Spy Written by Sognia Vassallo 2015
    "I Think my Dad is a Spy!"
    Sophie George lives with her father in the small town of Orchard Mead and works after school at their post office. She enjoys delivering the mail around the town, mainly because she likes to draw funny pictures based on some of the weirdos that live here. But lately, it’s not just the locals who have been acting strange — her Dad has been acting pretty weird too! Sophie’s friend Janice is convinced he’s a spy, but Sophie thinks that is ridiculous. However, the deeper they dig into her father’s life, the more confused Sophie becomes. The evidence all seems to add up: the mysterious phone calls, a Russian connection and a mysterious note. Could Janice be right; is her Dad really a spy?
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  1. Is Oliver Crookshanks Really a Vampire?
    ***COMING SOON*** Sophie and the gang are back but this time it's not her dad acting strange, it's the new neighbours! It's been six months since the Crookshanks moved into Orchard Mead and Sophie has many questions... Why on earth did they buy and move into the old mansion, (that we all assume is very haunted)? Who is that pale looking weird kid that sits and stares out of the attic window all day? And... WHY DOESN'T HE GO TO SCHOOL LIKE THE REST OF US! ***COMING SOON***