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Busy Bugs Books 
The BUSY BUGS books' are a series of rhyming books for children. Each book introduces a new set of insects bought to life in colourful cartoon drawings. Each story contains a message of the importance of good manners and virtues.
    Tanya the Tarantula
    Tanya the Tarantula is a big bully and the bug children are scared of her, they are even too scared to walk to school.
    Barry Beetle
    Barry Beetle and the other bugs in the yard can't go into town.
    Wannabe Bumble bee
    When Wannabe Bumble bee tries to be someone that he is not, it causes a lot of trouble for the bugs in the backyard.
    Sammy the Slug
    After moving into the backyard with his family, Sammy quickly realises that he is very different to all the other bugs at school.
    Clara Caterpillar
    Clara was an awkward caterpillar, but one day all that changed.
    Perpetual Motions
    A thought provoking coffee table book that the Author takes you on a journey through her eyes and intimate thoughts. Set amongst Sognia Vassallo-Sime's most breathtaking photography, paintings Perpetual Motions is sure to provoke your emotions. ebook version
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